Executive Media Training

Television -- a demanding medium -- once mastered, pays big dividends. National Emmy award-winner Heidi Berenson demystifies the media and boosts your appearance in front of the camera. Result? You’ll be asked back again and again. Added benefit: you’ll be ready for radio, print, and the web.

BCI casts a wide net to prepare you for broadcasts, webcasts or podcasts:

  • First, we specialize in coaching top executives.
  • Next, we wrap ourselves around the issues to sharpen complex messages into media-ready soundbites.
  • Finally, with on-camera practice - and real-time feedback - your improvement is immediate, measurable and impressive.

To dazzle as a PRO@CON-troversy, you will learn to Touch & Go -- using each question as a launch pad to relay – and reinforce – your key points.

Bottom line? You reap the Berenson benefits in our Washington, DC studio or on-location – as we tap into your natural style and ability -- to propel your game to the next level.